Thursday, October 30, 2008

Summer of one

I'm gonna try to feed myself with a spoon like a big girl!

hmmm got kinda messy

time to get hosed off!

all clean - let's party!


Vacation at the River!

Mama and I got matching bathing suits!

Fun boat ride! (ok actually I hated it...)

I love playing with Aunt Jenn's doggies!

Fun at the OC Fair!


Hangin out with my little cuz Kyla!

Fun day trip to Angora Lakes

I've got my own Jet Ski! (I don't really like it in the water though)

Party in the condo with Maddy and Kyla

Eatin at my first buffet!  Yum!

Where's Vivi?


That was a fun buffet dinner!

Ooh casino

One last dinghy ride

Relaxing with a book in Reno

Greg's reading me a book too!

And he got me a bag of rocks!  My favorite!

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