Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's almost Halloween!

Fun at the Santa Ana Zoo!

At home with my favorite flower bucket!

That's my buddy Jason from next door

Climbin a tree in downtown S.B.

Check out my cool new ice cream truck!  Thanks Grandpa!

It's fun to sleep on Dada

Havin a snack at Aunt Jenn's new house!

Somehow all my toys got out of the box and I got in...

I love my swimming classes with Mama!

I had some serious bedhead going on that day...

Check out my cute shirt.  It says "Princess" on it!

Don't I look smart in Mama's glasses?


I'm so cool with my doctor bag.

Taking a snuggle break with Mama at Aunt Jenn's

I'm getting pro-style feeding myself applesauce with my spoon!

How cute are my new owl pajamas?!

Check out my stacking skillz

Ask me to do my squishy face sometime...

I love coloring! (on everything but the paper)

I'm so cool I got my pic with Grandma in the LA Times (10/21)

Pumpkin Patch!

I'm 2' 6" actually, but I wouldn't get close to that thing to find out!

I love making music!

I got my very own pumpkin to take home!

And a lollipop!  Thanks to the folks at the Johnson Bros. pumpkin patch!

Happy Halloween!!  Look for my halloween fun pics next time!

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elsja said...

I love the pics! The squishy face is so cute!!