Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Happy Birthday to me!

Jen Hrycyk took some great birthday pics of me and posted them here (party) and here (real bday photoshoot).

and here's some from daddy's and grandma's cheapy cameras:

awwww... the outdoors- fresh air and LEAVES- yay!

and I love spashing around in the water!

Here's me posing in my birthday outfit- thanks Aunt Jenny!

I got birthday cake all over me so mama decided to give me a bath in the pool!

At least I had a chance to swim with my boyfriend Julien first! I'm trying to impress him with my straw biting skills! And no top- how scandalous! Hope these photos don't end up on the internet...

I loved all the leftover party decorations- balloons are my fave!

At my cousin Shannon's house for her birthday- her birthday is the day before mine! I didn't want to have to share my birthday with anyone :)

I stole her birthday tiara!

I had to give it back but at least I still have my straw!

Cake time!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Catching up

Here's a bunch of pics from the last few months (in reverse order). Stay tuned for the next post with pics from Vivi's 1st birthday, coming soon!

Hangin out in the pool at the Swingles' 4th of July Party

Really sleepy but staying awake to see the fun fireworks!

At Aunt Sue and Uncle Bob's

I love doggies!

Hot and sweaty at the zoo in Palm Desert

A real owl!

I love swimming with Mommy and Daddy!

Why can't I get that pencil??

Giving my first lecture

Looking cute for Palm Springs

Going through an experimental hair-styling phase


Playing nice with my buddy Daniella

I love rocks!

Daddy's lucky I decided to sleep on him for a little bit.

Beating the summer heat

More hair experiments

Playing some pool at Aunt Cait's in Colorado

That's where they make Coors!

Sometimes I have to remind Mommy and Daddy just how cute I am

Getting ready for my first airplane ride!

I didn't last for the takeoff :(

Showing Grandma the present I helped Mommy make her for Mothers' Day

Eatin some strawberries with Uncle Mike

Sometimes I just have to crash wherever it's convenient. It's a tough life.

Mmmmm cheese. A nice little walk to Heather Park

Ya, I'm too big for the sink now

Catching some rays in my bikini

I love the water!

Mr Winkle impersonation

Maddy's 3rd bday at Chuck e' Cheese's!

What is that crazy thing?

My new teeth (got the top four around 8 months)

Walking practice

Playing at Daniella's house!