Sunday, December 9, 2007

More Vivi!

Showing off my new high chair!

About to try my first real food!


I think I like my hand better.

Standing all by myself!

At my Great-Grandparents' house for my first Thanksgiving!

My teddy bear hat!

The Reed girls!

First ride in my big girl stroller!

Showing some skin...

The world as I see it.

Getting ready for my first Christmas!

Taking a ride in my diaper box car!

Pretty sweet ride eh?

I had a little too much to drink...

Bun gone wild!

Crazy time in my crib!

Playing with my silly daddy!

Friday, November 2, 2007

Vivi's first Halloween!

What's Vivi going to be for Halloween?

A bunny? (convenient that she grew in to the bun-hat just in time for Halloween - compare to newbie Bun)

A ghost?

Oooh scary ghost...

A bun-o-lantern?

...Of course Vivibun has to be a bunny on her first Halloween!

Ready to trick-or-treat at Grandpa's house. Look at her little carrot.

Look at the scary cake Mommy made!

Bun's strapped in and ready to get some candy! (for Mommy and Daddy to eat)

Posing with her cousins and fellow trick-or-treaters after making the rounds.