Sunday, March 1, 2009

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tons of pics, Nov-Jan

A lovely November day at the beach

My favorite snuggle rug at Grandma's. I love snuggling it so much Grandma bought me one for my own house!

Daddy would agree that tofu is better suited for stacking than eating

Check out the new wetsuit Daddy got me so I don't get cold in my swimming classes!

A trip to Arbor Park to see the big planes at the Base!

Using Lacie's Blackberry to make a few calls at their new place

Just chillin

Hey, lemme see that camera!

Pigtail experiment

Checking out the big Christmas tree at the Marketplace


Check out my big-girl table!

Hanging out with Grandpa at the Daniels' Thanksgiving!

Bubble bath!

Gimme that camera!

Cool fountain at Fashion Island

Now that's a big Christmas Tree. Gimme that camera!

Picking some flowers by Santa's house

I got to pet the bunnies!

Hanging with the other kiddies at a cool water fountain. That little boy had a crush on me :)

I'm pooped!

Yay Max and Maddy are playing at my house!

Gimme that camera!

Seriously, I wanna see some pictures!

I loved our Christmas Tree!

Ok, are you gonna give me the camera or what?

I love all the fishies at the Aquarium!

I also love checking myself out

Camera, now!

Look at my cool house I got from Jeff & Linda! But no way you're getting in!

And I got a cool train from Dave & Susan! Thanks neighbors!

I'm helping Mommy get ready for Christmas!

Mommy and Daddy won't mind if I just borrow a few presents for a minute...

Christmas morning! The stockings are more fun than presents

Present overflow at the Daniels'

Christmas party #4 at our house and my silly cousin Liam is sleeping through it!

Chilling with the Reed and Bramsen boys.

Sharing my Christmas dinner with Chickie

Catching a break

Fun in the snow at Mammoth! Ok maybe not so much fun for me; I hate getting all bundled!

Stealing some food from Grandpa

I love penguins, especially cuddly snow penguins!

Check it out, real snow!

My favorite part of the ski trip: Jacuzzi!

Jelly bean monster

Nothing like just kicking back with a book, right?

Thanks Maddy for taking this great picture of Mommy and Daddy and me!

Yay, back home!

Back for more fun at the Aquarium

Out for a fancy dinner!

Lovely January day at the beach

Going to Logan's party in HB central park. Thanks for the lift Daddy!

Central Park one week later and much sunnier. Fun!

I'm gonna get you! I love tunnels!