Friday, October 31, 2008

My 2nd Halloween!

It's my 2nd Halloween - we went to Grandma & Grandpa's house to trick or treat with Max and Maddy!

Look at the scary Frankenstein monster cake Mama made!  I'm getting pretty good at saying "cake" (and "yum").

Check out Max and Maddy's fun costumes!

And here I am!  I'm a snowy owl (although a lot of people thought I was a chicken or an angel)!  Mama made my costume for me; isn't it cute?

Time to go trick-or-treating!  Look at all that candy!

I'm gonna get me some

I saw so much "kewel" stuff around the neighborhood!

Max was Dracula - but he didn't scare me!

Daddy got a good workout carrying me around all night

Hey!  What's he doing with my candy?!

Taking a break with Mama and sampling my plunder.

We stopped by the Williams' house and posed with one of Pat's plush figures.  Maybe next year he can make me a costume!

Back to Grandpa's to eat lots of goodies and stay up late playing!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's almost Halloween!

Fun at the Santa Ana Zoo!

At home with my favorite flower bucket!

That's my buddy Jason from next door

Climbin a tree in downtown S.B.

Check out my cool new ice cream truck!  Thanks Grandpa!

It's fun to sleep on Dada

Havin a snack at Aunt Jenn's new house!

Somehow all my toys got out of the box and I got in...

I love my swimming classes with Mama!

I had some serious bedhead going on that day...

Check out my cute shirt.  It says "Princess" on it!

Don't I look smart in Mama's glasses?


I'm so cool with my doctor bag.

Taking a snuggle break with Mama at Aunt Jenn's

I'm getting pro-style feeding myself applesauce with my spoon!

How cute are my new owl pajamas?!

Check out my stacking skillz

Ask me to do my squishy face sometime...

I love coloring! (on everything but the paper)

I'm so cool I got my pic with Grandma in the LA Times (10/21)

Pumpkin Patch!

I'm 2' 6" actually, but I wouldn't get close to that thing to find out!

I love making music!

I got my very own pumpkin to take home!

And a lollipop!  Thanks to the folks at the Johnson Bros. pumpkin patch!

Happy Halloween!!  Look for my halloween fun pics next time!