Friday, May 16, 2008

10 months old and walking!

how to learn to walk...

you gotta crawl before you can walk, even though it's sooo hard

then stand up by yourself!

then take one big step to something safe...

take a break to rock out... (4167)

sure, you take a few spills along the way...

then you're walking with style


Anonymous said...

Hello Mike and Deanna,

Maddy and I watched this over and over again! It was fun seeing the stages of Vivian's walking and reading the comments as though we were reading a story. Great job!

Grandma Doris and Cousin Maddy

Me said...

YOUR MY CUPPY CAKE GUMDROP SNOOGUMS SNOOGUMS!!! haha i am officially addicted!! its my favorite song! haha she is soo biig!! she is adorable!! i <3 her soo much!! :]

Jennifer S. said...

Love that little baby... She's my hunnycake sugarplum pumbie-umbie-umpkin!!!