Thursday, April 17, 2008

Vivi's 9 months old!!!

The rare pink ewok is spotted at the mall helping Mama find a dress for Nick & Meg's wedding

I love balloons!

Stopping at Canter's on my way to the Petersen Auto Museum!

This was my favorite lowrider for sure, esé

Posin' at Venice Beach



Modeling the fancy dress Aunt Tami got me!

Hunting for eggs with Dada and Grandpa!

Time for my close up

Out in San Bernardino with Aunt Jenn and Gus! Yarrr!

Skate or cry!

On a date with Julien at the Aquarium of the Pacific. He's playing hard to get.

These were my favorite fishies!

¿Are these the keys to my pink '64 Impala, holmes?

On my first road trip to Cambria for Nick & Meg's wedding! About time they let me out of the car...

Rehearsal dinner! Hmm Filet medallions or Pot pie?

I love big parties!

Out shopping in downtown Cambria

Don't you wanna just eat me up?

Yay! Dada let me drive

Grrr road rage!

The pink ewok is spotted again, this time in her natural habitat, the Forest Moonstone Beach of Cambria

Some old lady walking by saw this scene and couldn't stop cracking up.

Ok, ok, that's not really me and Mama. I'll bet I fooled you though.

Saying goodbye to the Fogcatcher Inn

Thanks Grandma for hanging out with me so Mama and Dada could go out on the town!

Hanging out in the beautiful gardens at Aunt Nanci and Uncle Dave's hotel before heading home

I don't know why Dada thinks he always has to hold my hands. I can walk by myself!!! Well, almost...


Jen said...

I love her Deanna! She's so cute and sweet! Yay!

elsja said...

AWWW I love them! It's about time!! :) I love the one of her on the beach. I totally started laughing and then saw that you wrote some lady walked by and started laughing. So cute. I hope you are all well on the north side of the earth :)

Me said...

She is getting so so big! I can't wait to see her walk..well almost...cousin Shannon will work on it with her! :] haha well looking good VIVI! <3
Love you guys,
Hope to see you soon!!
<3 Shannon :]
(Cousin!!!! :])

Me said...
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