Saturday, February 16, 2008

Vivi's latest adventures!

Just being my super-cute self!

Surrounded by stuffed animals in my room!

Will you be my Valentine?

I just got my first cold :( I'm all snotty and drooly. But I'm still smiley!

Enjoying a lovely day at the park!

Mama thinks I'm just her little dress-up doll sometimes!

I made a new friend! Out to lunch with the Jeongs - Pete, Heidi, and my buddy Julia!

Playtime with Mama- making the "dumpling face"

so happy- I'm going to explode!

Playing on my beautiful new quilt that my "grandgodmother" Kathi made just for me!

Aren't my tights cute?

Holding on to my favorite toy - a mirror. Hmmm...

Silly time on Mama and Dada's bed

Showing some leg

I'm so little on the big bed!

Mama does whatever she can to make me laugh!

My new favorite sleeping position, the sleepy stinkbug thumbsuckerface!

Impromptu 6mos photoshoot

Dada kept missing my mouth cuz there was just too much fun stuff to look at!

Yeaaa, I'm a little thumbsuckerface nowadays.

Dada's always trying to kiss my dumpling cheeks, it's so annoying!

Hanging out at Huntington Gardens!

Grandma always makes me laugh!

Caught snuggling - a rare sight

Wow, that was a lot of pics. I'm pooped!

1 comment:

elsja said...

so cute! she's getting so big and still has those chubba chub cheeks :) I hope I can see her when I come out in March!

Great job on Jen's invites by the way!!