Friday, November 2, 2007

Vivi's first Halloween!

What's Vivi going to be for Halloween?

A bunny? (convenient that she grew in to the bun-hat just in time for Halloween - compare to newbie Bun)

A ghost?

Oooh scary ghost...

A bun-o-lantern?

...Of course Vivibun has to be a bunny on her first Halloween!

Ready to trick-or-treat at Grandpa's house. Look at her little carrot.

Look at the scary cake Mommy made!

Bun's strapped in and ready to get some candy! (for Mommy and Daddy to eat)

Posing with her cousins and fellow trick-or-treaters after making the rounds.


Me said...

awwww! shes so adorable in her bun bun costume! i wish i could have been there to see her! That cake does look yummmy! haha well hope to talk to you soon!

irishbruinj said...

I remember Mike wearing the same costume freshman year lol.

She is so adorable! Love the pictures!