Monday, September 17, 2007

Vivibun in the sun in the 951!

Vivian had so much fun visiting her cousins! Thanks for taking all the great pictures, Shannon!

About to get dunked... her first time in the jacuzzi!

She loved it!!! Check out her chubs!

Look- our baby buddha floats!

She's crying- give her to Auntie Sue!

All better!


Jillyboo said...

I linked to you from elsja's site and wanted to say hi. Your sweet little girl is a doll. I am glad you are all doing so well.

Me said...

I have seen all those pics.........oh ya wait those were at my house and I took them! I was so excited to see her and I am glad to call her my baby cuzin cuz she is the most adorable baby girl ever! She is a little PRINCESS and she is always welcome to vist the "951" again anytime! Can't wait for another visit and cna't wait to see you all!!
her favorite cuzin!