Monday, August 20, 2007

More Vivi pics!

Cutest thing ever!

Boob coma.
In her pretty dress with Aunt Sheri.

Out to dinner for Mommy's bday.


Winkle tongue.

Such a happy baby (at least for 5 minutes.)

Look at those booties.


Megan said...

Deanna and Mike!
Congratulations to you both! Vivian is absolutely beautiful and looks so sweet! I am sure you are having a wonderful time with her. You all look so happy!

God bless your sweet little family!

Megan Hartshorn (Orach)

Jenn gave me your blog info.

Me said...

oh, my sweet vivian!!! I love her so much! I can't wait until she gets older, I can take her shopping, just like you take me shopping!!! I love her lots and GOOD LUCK!! Hope to see you soon!! I <<<33333 you cuzin Viv!
<<3333 ur favorite cuzin,