Tuesday, May 15, 2007

She's cooking!

Bun is exactly 28 weeks old today- which means I'm actually 30 weeks along in my pregnancy! Our sweet baby girl is going to be here soon and we're getting really excited!

The big question for me always seems to be "what is the baby's name?" And as you can see, we really love the name Vivian- and since we call her Bun right now while she's still cooking, we combined the two names. I think it's pretty cute and I think it will be hard to stop calling her "Bun" when we first bring her home... We also really like the name Mia since it goes so well with the last name Moore! Mia Moore- when you say it together, it sounds like "mi amor" (my love) in Spanish! A little too cheesy maybe for a first name, but so perfect for the middle name!

She has already brought us so much happiness- and we are so excited for the day we finally get to meet her! (That day is coming up fast!!!)

I can't wait to show her off to everyone, too! In the meantime, here's what she looks like now! Isn't she so cute???!!! I'm already a proud mother!


Me said...

BUN IN THE OVEN!!! haha that was a while ago but I soo remember that!!!! What a sweetheart!!!

Me said...




Love ya and hope to see you soon!!